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Weekend every day

My big role model is a woman who is incredibly strong, independent and full of crazy ideas, has freckles, a monkey and a horse in the house and shapes the world the way she likes it. 
I think everyone knows the feeling from vacation or earlier from school vacations when you completely lose track of time and don’t know what day of the week it is. You live from day to day and there’s nothing unpleasant in sight that causes belly rumbling, no appointments you really don’t want to make and no Friday that you’re looking forward to. And as carefree and content as we feel during this time, well hidden away, despite everything, that scary first Monday after the vacation or weekend is waiting for us. The closer it gets, the more often you think about it. And at some point, I thought to myself that it can’t be, that you only have this carefree feeling on vacation. There are far too few of these, after all, if you compare vacations and weekends to the working weeks.   And so I set myself the goal for my life of wanting to achieve this feeling permanently, even in everyday life. I no longer wanted to have to know what day of the week it was. It simply shouldn’t play a role in my life anymore, because I want to shape the world the way I like it, every day. I don’t want to dream about the end of the week on Monday, I don’t want to work the whole week only for Friday. I don’t want to live only for the weekend or the vacation, and I don’t want to think about the exhausting Monday morning on Sunday evening. I want every day to be Friday, and every day to be the weekend, no matter what’s on the calendar. I want to look forward to the day in the morning, and the next morning in the evening. And so I was increasingly driven toward creative self-employment, which brought me a huge step closer to this goal. I have been reducing my part time job over the last few years until I got a temporary job, and last year I quit that job. Since then, I have had time for Petricor every day. Every day, regardless of the weekday, I decide for myself what I have to do, when and where. For example, I have also noticed that it makes a huge difference to me whether I have to get up early in the morning to go to a job as an employee or whether I get up early and decide for myself when I have to be where. Even though I get up even earlier for my self-employment and end up arriving at the studio at almost the same time every day, I know in the morning that I can drink coffee for as long as I want and take the time I need to wake up. It feels like this is how everyday life adapts to my body and not the other way around. So I have actually achieved my weekday-less routine. Of course, I am still also dependent on deadlines and orders. But it feels less like an obligation when I determine them myself. Over the past few years, I’ve also learned to simply turn down requests that I don’t feel like responding to. I still found that difficult at first. This freedom through self-employment also means that my head is constantly racing. I never really get off work and can only take a vacation if someone continues to run my online shop during that time. But that’s all OK with me and it’s worth it. It doesn’t feel as negative to me as it probably would to many others. A weekday-less week also means that I often spend Saturdays and Sundays in the studio. But my work is also my hobby, my passion, and that’s what weekends are for, after all. Over time, I realized that I also needed breaks and had to decide for myself how and when to take them. However, I’m still working on allowing myself to take them. 
I have come ever closer to my role model in recent years, because I shape the world the way I like it. And my next goal is to internalize and implement what the creator of my role model said so beautifully. “And then you have to have time to just sit there and look in front of you.” How right you are, Mrs. Lindgren
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