Collection: Festival Bag

Our festival bag is not only the perfect accessory for your next festival, but also the most practical handbag for everyday use. It can be worn as a crossbody bag, hip bag, backpack, or clutch.
Festivaltasche von Petricor

Festival Bag

The perfect bag for a festival must adapt to every situation according to your needs. That's what our festival bag does. You can wear it as a backpack if you want to have your hands free to dance. You can wear it as a short shoulder bag across your chest if you want to keep it close to you in the crowd during the concert. The length of the strap can be easily and quickly adjusted with cord stoppers inside the bag. Thus, you can also wear it as a fanny pack. Additionally, you can match your festival bag to your festival outfit every day by changing the strap. We offer over 50 different colors of interchangeable straps that you can simply attach to your bag.